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Georgia Grants

There are many grants available in this State to assist a home buyer purchase a home. By using these grants it makes it possible to purchase a home with little or no money down. 

Below is a list of some of the grants available, as well as contact information for each. Some are State sponsored grants. Some are sponsored on the county or municipality level. 

Understand that many of these grants have limited funding, and most have income restrictions, so it is important to work with your mortgage lender and the non profit administering the grant program to ensure availability of funds. 

State Sponsored
Bank Sponsored Matching Funds Programs
Community/local Sponsored Grants
Seller Funded Down Payment Assistance Programs

State Sponsored 

The State of Georgia offers grants of up to $5,000 through the Georgia Dream Standard Program. Below is a link to the State’s web site: 

Bank Sponsored Matching Funds Programs 

Banks that are members of the Federal Home Loan Banking system also offer IDA savings accounts. Visit the Regional Federal Home Loan Bank web site for more information.

Community/local Sponsored Grants

Atlanta Consumer Mortgage Counseling Service Down Payment Assistance Program Grant (DPAP) 
(770) 455-1770 

Charlton County Community Home Investment Program (CHIP) Down payment and Closing Cost Assistance 
(912) 496-2549 

Clarke County Housing & Economic Leadership Partners Inc Direct Homeownership Assistance Program 
(706) 549-5200 

Georgia Housing Yes Inc Helping Hands Program (GIFT) 
(678) 937-0432 

Hall County Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP) 
(770) 297-1800 

Multi Counties United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta IDA Program (IDA) 
(404) 527-3549 

Savannah Dream Maker 1 - City Wide (DM1) 
(912) 651-6926 

Savannah Dream Maker 2 - Target Neighborhood (DM2) 
(912) 651-6926

Seller Funded Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are several non profit organizations that allow a seller to “donate” funds to them at closing, which is then given to the buyer as a down payment assistance grant. Presently, the federal government is reviewing these programs to determine whether this practice is an acceptable lending practice. By using one of these programs it is possible to purchase a home with little or no money. The seller needs to be a motivated seller, and the home needs to be priced correctly. Usually the sales price is inflated to cover the “donation”. The home must be able to appraise at the inflated price. These programs are initiated by the lender, so it is important to work with a local lender before you start looking for a home. The lender will also know how present legislation is affecting the program. The two most commonly used programs are The American Dream DAP and The Nehemiah DAP. Below are links to their web site.

American Dream:  http://www.americandreamdownpaymentassistance.com/dpa_app.cfm

Nehemiah Corp: