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The House of Savings

Buying a home can be an expensive endeavor. Before you buy the home, there are inspections that need to be done. The closing costs can be several thousand dollars, the cost of movers can run in excess of $1500, and then, once you are in the home, renovations and cosmetic items can eat away at the little remaining cash you have left. 

In this section you will find a list of companies, per county, that have agreed to reduce their fees for homebuyers to help you reduce your costs. The list includes attorneys, title companies, lenders, home inspection companies, exterminators, rug and flooring companies, painters, fence and shed companies, electricians, plumbers, heating and air contractors, and widow treatment companies, as well as many other potentially needed post closing services. 

Simply choose the county that you are purchasing in and print out the list. Present the coupon attached to the list to the companyís representative AFTER you receive your quote, and they will reduce their fees accordingly. Remember to keep a copy of the coupon and list for yourself so you can use it with the other vendors.

Accessing this section is free but there is a nominal charge if you havenít signed up for the referral service and still wish to generate the coupon list to benefit from these savings. Signing up for the referral system eliminates this cost. 

I want to register for your referral system now so I can benefit from these savings at no cost to me. 
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Disclaimer - TheMortgageLowDown.com does not guarantee the quality of the work of the participating vendors. Nor we do guarantee the continuous participation of these vendors. This is simply a list of companies that have expressed that they are willing to give a discount to individuals sourced through TheMortgageLowDown.com.