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Getting Started

This site is free. There are no requirements to access this information. We do, however, have a number of qualified realtors and loan officers we can refer you to that are knowledgeable in these programs. They can assist you with securing the “American Dream” of homeownership. They do not work for “The Mortgage Lowdown. Com”. They are simply real estate professionals that appear to be honest and knowledgeable.

If you choose to sign up for our service, we will forward you name to a couple of qualified mortgage loan officers and realtors in your area that can help you achieve your homeownership goal. After you speak with them, you make the decision if the chemistry is right. We will also set you up on our email information system. For 12 months, we will send you, biweekly, basic information about home loans that we feel  will help you in your home buying quest. Again, there is no cost to this service. You may still access this site without signing up, but we strongly recommend that you do. 

Finally, by signing up for our service you can access the “House of Savings” section of this web site for free ( not available in all States). In this section you will be able to obtain a list of companies that have agreed to give discounts on their services to help you reduce the cost of making your home ownership dreams come true.

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