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Teaming up

With the Right 
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With the Right 








Choosing the Right Realtor

You should also team up with a qualified real estate professional - one that understands these programs and can assist you in structuring a contract correctly. Not all realtors understand these programs, and many that do, don’t want to give the extra effort needed for a successful outcome. Once an offer to purchase is written and accepted it is very difficult to change its contents. A realtor that understands these programs can help you find a home that meets the different programs’ geographic and structural requirements, and then structure to contract to purchase correctly. 

A knowledgeable realtor will ensure that ample time is given to the loan officer to process out the loan and/or grant. Also, many sellers might feel uneasy accepting a contract with non traditional financing, and an educated realtor might be needed to sway the seller to accept the contract. Once you choose a realtor, make sure you feel comfortable with him/her – that there is the right chemistry.

Remember, there is no need to have multiple realtors searching properties for you. All realtors have access to the multiple listing system of their county, so they should have access to most of the properties listed. Any realtor can find and show you properties that meet your criteria anywhere in the county. 

If you would like, we can have a reputable realtor contact you. Simple fill out the referral form and wait for his/her call.

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